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Tinder Now Allows Friends & Family To Suggest Matches

Would you consider swiping right for this feature?       Navigating the dating world can sometimes feel like a challenging journey, with the added pressure of gaining the approval of your partner’s friends and family. However, Tinder, the dating app, has taken an innovative step by introducing the Tinder Matchmaker feature. This feature allows […]

Tinder Testing A.I. Tool To Help Pick Your Best Photos

A trial is underway on the dating app Tinder, where an artificial intelligence tool is being put to the test. Its objective is to curate the most attractive images from users’ collections, aiming to optimize the likelihood of receiving a positive swipe.   Functioning by analyzing a user’s photo collection, the tool will meticulously pick […]

Pope Francis Says Sex Is Beautiful & Tinder Is Normal

pope francis tinder

  The pope stating facts 👀     According to a recent documentary on Disney+ titled ‘The Pope: Answers’, Pope Francis has expressed his belief that sex is one of the beautiful things that God has created. He also mentioned that he considers the use of dating apps like Tinder to be completely normal.   […]