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Over 40 People Dead Due To Current Fires In Europe

More than 40 souls have fallen victim to devastating wildfires that have swept through Algeria, Italy, and Greece, wreaking havoc on villages and holiday resorts 🔥


The coastal province of Bejaia, Algeria, witnessed the highest casualties, with 34 lives lost, including 10 valiant soldiers who were surrounded by flames during a daring evacuation. Bejaia remains the worst-hit area, accounting for 23 of these heart-wrenching deaths. Though 80% of the blazes have been quelled since Sunday, a mammoth firefighting effort continues, with about 8,000 personnel, hundreds of fire engines, and aircraft putting up a fierce battle.


Italy, in a cruel twist of fate, faced contrasting weather extremes. Deadly storms ravaged the north, while Sicily and several southern regions battled relentless wildfires. Tragedy struck a couple in their 70s, found lifeless in their fire-ravaged holiday home near Palermo, while an 88-year-old woman lost her life nearby. The city of Catania endured scorching temperatures of 47.6C, leaving parts of it without water and power due to burnt cables. Further east, in Calabria, a 98-year-old man found himself trapped in his home by the encroaching flames, while his brave daughter and son-in-law suffered burns trying to rescue him.


Portugal, too, faced the wrath of the heatwave, as more than 600 firefighters fought to extinguish a raging fire in a national park near Lisbon. Local residents, some in wheelchairs, were evacuated, fortunately with no reported injuries. Meanwhile, Croatia’s picturesque city of Dubrovnik battled a fierce wildfire with the aid of 130 firefighters and water-bombing planes. The fire’s impact was so severe that undetonated landmines exploded, adding to the crisis.


In the face of this devastating natural disaster, we salute the courageous firefighters and emergency responders risking their lives to protect communities and wildlife. Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones and to those displaced by these unforgiving fires ❤


Let’s stand together in support and unity, as we hope for a swift end to this catastrophe. 🙏🔥