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11 Y/O Saves Chocking Student & Woman From Fire

  That’s a lot to do for an 11-year-old💪     On that same day, an 11-year-old boy from Oklahoma showcased extraordinary courage by rescuing both a choking classmate and a woman trapped in a burning building.   Davyon Johnson demonstrated swift thinking and performed the Heimlich manoeuvre to save a fellow classmate who was […]

Over 40 People Dead Due To Current Fires In Europe

More than 40 souls have fallen victim to devastating wildfires that have swept through Algeria, Italy, and Greece, wreaking havoc on villages and holiday resorts 🔥   The coastal province of Bejaia, Algeria, witnessed the highest casualties, with 34 lives lost, including 10 valiant soldiers who were surrounded by flames during a daring evacuation. Bejaia […]

Palermo Airport Shuts Down Due To Huge Fire

Catastrophic fires in our neighbouring country 🔥     The hills surrounding Palermo are currently ablaze. The fires have spread to Capo Gallo, the promontory overlooking the picturesque village of Mondello and the hill of Pizzo Sella. Numerous homes have been evacuated as the flames approach a parking lot, filling the air with thick, unbreathable […]

42-Storey Skyscraper Catches Fire In Hong Kong

Hong Kong firefighters are tackling a massive fire at a high-rise skyscraper under construction in the Kowloon region.     The fire began at the top of the 42-story tower, which was nearing completion, and spread to the scaffolding.   Officials said the fire broke out at 11:11pm on Thursday.   Over 130 people living […]