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The Average Global Temperature Has Increased

This Summer might be the coldest one we’ll experience in a while 🥵   During an interview with TVM, Malta’s Ambassador for Climate Action, Professor Simone Borg, emphasized the grave impact of climate change on the Mediterranean region, making it the second most affected area after the Arctic. She pointed out that the ongoing intense […]

Over 40 People Dead Due To Current Fires In Europe

More than 40 souls have fallen victim to devastating wildfires that have swept through Algeria, Italy, and Greece, wreaking havoc on villages and holiday resorts 🔥   The coastal province of Bejaia, Algeria, witnessed the highest casualties, with 34 lives lost, including 10 valiant soldiers who were surrounded by flames during a daring evacuation. Bejaia […]

EU Might Block The Sun To Fight Climate Change

The EU is trying to discuss new solutions.     As per a report, it is stated that the European Union is planning to explore the idea of obstructing solar rays as a potential measure to address climate change.   According to Bloomberg News, the European Union is preparing to introduce a framework for evaluating […]

Youth Scared To Have Kids Because Of Climate Change

A growing number of individuals are hesitant to bring children into a world that is expected to face severe impacts from climate change in the coming decades.   The recent “code red for humanity” warning from the United Nations, as highlighted by the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, stating that global […]