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NASA Can Turn 98% Of Pee & Sweat Into Drinking Water

Turning astronauts’ ‘liquid gold’ into the elixir of space exploration!


NASA has achieved the remarkable feat of recycling urine into clean drinking water, a concept that may unsettle even the most resilient individuals. Onboard the International Space Station, astronauts have successfully recovered an impressive 98% of the water they bring with them into space, utilizing a recycling system that processes various fluids, from urine to sweat.


How Much Water Should a Person Drink in a Day? | Britannica


As NASA sets its sights on longer missions, including voyages to the moon and potentially farther destinations, the agency’s engineers have been diligently working on methods to ensure that astronauts’ essential needs are met without the necessity of resupply missions. This includes developing techniques for recycling food, air, and water.


Such advancements in water recycling play a crucial role in providing each crew member with an average of one gallon of water per day, satisfying their requirements for hydration, food preparation, and maintaining personal hygiene, such as tooth brushing.