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NASA Can Turn 98% Of Pee & Sweat Into Drinking Water

Turning astronauts’ ‘liquid gold’ into the elixir of space exploration!   NASA has achieved the remarkable feat of recycling urine into clean drinking water, a concept that may unsettle even the most resilient individuals. Onboard the International Space Station, astronauts have successfully recovered an impressive 98% of the water they bring with them into space, […]

South Koreans Become Younger Under New Age Law

People in South Korea just got younger!    South Koreans have gained a year or two in age, thanks to a new rule that matches the country’s two traditional age-counting techniques with worldwide standards.   The law abolishes a traditional approach that determined South Koreans were one year old at birth by counting time spent […]

Unwashed Pillow Cases Are Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat

This study definitely won’t help you sleep at night…   According to a recent report shared by Amerisleep, an unwashed pillowcase could potentially harbor a staggering 3 million bacteria within a mere week. Surprisingly, this amount is approximately 17,000 times greater than what is typically found on an average toilet seat.   The study involved […]

7 Feasts In Malta & Gozo To Visit This Weekend

Malta & Gozo offer you something to do every weekend!   Take a look at the traditional Maltese feasts happening this weekend (1st – 3rd July 2023)   St. Andrew, Luqa           Our Lady of Lourdes, Qrendi         Immaculate Conception, Hamrun         Our Lady of […]

Tom And Zendaya Sing To Each Other At Beyonce Concert

These two lovebirds are adorable! Tom Holland, aged 27, and Zendaya, aged 26, were observed savouring a romantic evening together at Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour performance in Warsaw, Poland on Tuesday.   A fellow concertgoer captured footage of the affectionate couple seated at the venue, which swiftly made its way to Twitter. In the video clip, […]