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Maltese Doctor Says We Can Now Live To 120 Years

Looks like we’re going to here for a while😲



Philip Borg, a Maltese doctor specialising in longevity medicine in the UK and Malta, estimates that life expectancy can reach 120 years if prevention becomes a priority for patients.


As a consultant cancer interventional radiologist, he advocates early screening for diseases before symptoms manifest, coupled with promoting healthy lifestyle choices.


Borg emphasises the significance of detecting chronic illnesses early on, aiming to improve quality of life. Transitioning to “wellness medicine,” he seeks to encourage preventive measures.


Borg wants people to be able to live a “longer and better” life.


“No one wants to live to 120 if they are bedridden and cannot do the things they love. They want to be able to lift their grandchildren and greatgrandchildren and play golf if that is what they enjoy.”


Via Times of Malta