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Late-Night Shows On Pause As Writers Go On Strike

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Starting Tuesday night, US talk shows will be impacted by the writers’ strike as Hollywood comes to a halt. Thousands of screenwriters have organized a mass walk-out after failing to reach an agreement with major studios and the Writers Guild of America over pay. This is the first strike of its kind in 15 years and shows like The Late Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and The Tonight Show will be affected by the industrial action.



However, there are a few shows that have not made a final decision about the upcoming strike, including Saturday Night Live and Last Week with John Oliver, but it remains unclear whether this will impact Pete Davidson’s return to SNL as he promotes his new comedy series Bupkis on May 6.


late night shows


Interestingly, the Suicide Squad actor spoke about this issue on The Tonight Show and joked that he was taking it personally. Despite the disruption, many late-night hosts have expressed support for their writers, including Late Night’s Seth Meyers. In an interview with Deadline, Meyers emphasized the importance of fair compensation for writers and stated that he supports their demands. He loves writing for TV and believes that those who have a job in the industry are entitled to make a living.