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Kylie Under Fire For Over Pricing Copied Clothes


Apparently Kylie has a different definition of ‘affordable’ 😅



Kylie Jenner made headlines this Tuesday by revealing her latest venture into the fashion industry with an “affordable” clothing line called Khy. However, the initial reactions from both her fans and social media users were far from enthusiastic. The 26-year-old Kardashian star faced a wave of criticism regarding the brand’s supposed affordability.

While some items were expected to be priced lower than comparable offerings from competitors, fans and critics alike expressed disappointment at the high cost of certain items in the collection, with some reaching a maximum of $200. Beyond pricing concerns, some were unimpressed with the alleged lack of originality in Kylie’s designs.

Furthermore, some users pointed out the alleged lack of seriousness in Khy’s affordability claim when they discovered a pair of gloves on Amazon that closely mirrored Kylie’s gloves, with a slightly different striped pattern over the wrist being the primary distinguishing factor. The Amazon gloves were considerably cheaper, priced at around $20, while Kylie’s Khy gloves were listed at $38.


An annoyed fan took to social media, comparing the two pairs and humorously noting, “Not Kylie selling Amazon $20 gloves for $40 as her own brand Khy lmao.”


Will you be buying from her new brand?