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Driver Shocked After Truck Drops Bricks In Her Way

A Maltese woman was left extremely shaken after a van dropped bricks just a few meters away from her car.


Dashcam footage reveals how the incident could have resulted in a serious accident after a truck spilled bricks directly onto the woman’s lane.


Despite the seriousness of the situation, the van driver never apologized or checked to see if the woman was alright before collecting the bricks and driving off.


The incident took place in Triq il-Fieres, Ħal Tarxien at around 8.45am on the previous day.


Had the woman not reacted quickly by slamming on her brakes, the incident could have quickly turned fatal, raising concerns about whether proper precautions are being taken to secure bricks during transportation.


Credits to LovinMalta for story and footage.

See the video here: