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Driver Fined After Road Cam Showed Dog Behind Wheel

Driver Fined After Road Cam Showed Dog Behind Wheel

  A Slovakian driver was punished after a speed camera captured a picture of their dog behind the wheel.     The owner of the car continued by saying that when he was driving along the road, his brown hunting dog just so happened to jump across the seat and into his lap, but video […]

Worlds Hottest Truck Driver Makes €60K+ In 6 Months

Crushing it in the mines by day, conquering the world’s adventures by night!     Meet Ashlea, hailing from Perth, Australia, who has taken her girl boss status to incredible heights, diving headfirst into a challenging industry. As a dump truck driver stationed in remote Western Australia, Ashlea’s workdays follow a unique rhythm of 14 […]

Tallinja Driver Goes Viral For Sexy Video With Buses

Fasten your seatbelts, hold on tight, and get ready to embark on a wild journey through the lens of a bus driver like you’ve never seen before!🤣🎬     With @jitheesh_t_jolly at the wheel, every ride is an unpredictable adventure! Brace yourself for a wild adventure as he transforms his everyday journeys into uproarious entertainment […]

Uber Driver Donates A Kidney To A Passenger

Tim Letts, a former US army veteran who now works as an Uber driver, unknowingly had his life changed when he picked up Bill Sumiel from his dialysis centre.   During the ride, Bill shared with Tim his need for a kidney transplant due to kidney failure caused by diabetes that he had been dealing […]

Driver Shocked After Truck Drops Bricks In Her Way

A Maltese woman was left extremely shaken after a van dropped bricks just a few meters away from her car.   Dashcam footage reveals how the incident could have resulted in a serious accident after a truck spilled bricks directly onto the woman’s lane.   Despite the seriousness of the situation, the van driver never apologized […]