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Driver Shocked After Truck Drops Bricks In Her Way

A Maltese woman was left extremely shaken after a van dropped bricks just a few meters away from her car.   Dashcam footage reveals how the incident could have resulted in a serious accident after a truck spilled bricks directly onto the woman’s lane.   Despite the seriousness of the situation, the van driver never apologized […]

Man Stands In Front Of Bus To Stop It From Moving

User @gianmarcomaniscal3 uploaded footage on TikTok that shows a man halting a Tallinja bus from moving forward.   The man attempted to prevent the bus from departing, but unfortunately, he arrived too late as the bus had already started to drive away after closing its doors.   It remains unclear whether the man boarded the […]

6 Kids And Staff Killed In A School Shooting In The USA

Yesterday, a tragic school shooting occurred in Nashville, Tennessee, resulted in the deaths of three young children and three staff members.   The victims were all affiliated with a private Christian school with an enrollment of approximately 200 students.   The shooter, a 28-year-old, carried three guns, including a semi-automatic rifle, and was subsequently killed […]

Used Fish Containers Thrown Out In Marsaxlokk

  A number of used fish containers were seen next to the shore in Marsaxlokk.         Local Facebook Page Clean Malta announced that sanitary workers were called to the site to remove the litter which still contained some fish remnants.    

Maltese Creator Featured On Logan Paul’s Story

Logan Paul reshared a video by SandMax24, a Maltese content creator, on his story! SandMax24 is known for his twitch streams and Tiktok content, which generates millions of likes and view. See Logan’s story here:  

5 Planets Will Be Visible Tonight All At Once

Make sure to mark your calendar for a rare cosmic event happening this month – five planets in our solar system will be visible from Earth at the same time in March, including Uranus.   This year is expected to be eventful in terms of celestial happenings, with several planetary alignments coming up over the […]

Maltese Youths Won’t Use Buses Even If They Improve

According to a survey commissioned by the Faculty for Social Wellbeing at the University of Malta and conducted by pollster Vince Marmara, younger people and students exhibit greater attachment to their cars than older individuals, despite the increased awareness of global warming and emissions.   The survey reveals that young people perceive cars as a […]

Mr.Beast Tips Waitress A Brand New Car

In a generous gesture, Mr.Beast surprised a waitress by tipping her with a brand-new car!   When the YouTuber asked her about the largest tip she had ever received, which was $50, he decided to go above and beyond. Mr.Beast then asked if anyone had ever tipped a car before and proceeded to hand over […]

Wizards Of Waverly Place Alex Russo Could’ve Been Bi

The former showrunner of Wizards of Waverly Place, Peter Murrieta, confirmed his desire to explore a queer relationship between Alex and Stevie on the show.   In a recent episode of the Wizards of Waverly Pod hosted by Jennifer Stone and David DeLuise, Murrieta expressed his regret about not having the opportunity to fully develop […]