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Coast Is Clear Foundation Join Forces With Videoslots

Coast Is Clear Foundation, a leading advocate for environmental awareness and conservation efforts, has recently celebrated a fruitful partnership with Video Slots. Recognizing the crucial role that dedicated businesses play in supporting such initiatives, the foundation expressed gratitude towards Video Slots for their unwavering support.



In a recent post, Coast Is Clear Foundation highlighted the successes of 2023 and the promising start to 2024, marked by a flurry of activities along the coastlines, in valleys, parks, and through tree-planting events across the Maltese islands. With the backing of Video Slots, the foundation has been able to mobilize volunteers and spearhead various environmental initiatives, fostering a positive impact on the local environment.



Emphasizing the importance of collective action in safeguarding the environment for future generations, Coast Is Clear Foundation thanked Video Slots for their partnership and expressed optimism for the significant strides to come. Together, they are committed to making a tangible difference in preserving the natural beauty of the Maltese islands and securing a sustainable future for all.