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Baby Born With 2 Penises & No Anus In Pakistan

2 penises no anus


What a strange case 😲



A rare and exceptional case has been reported in which a newborn in Pakistan was born with two functioning penises and no anus. The International Journal of Surgery Case Reports documented the condition, known as diphallia, in which the baby has two normal-shaped genitals that are not twins, but rather cousins with a 1cm length difference.


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Although the baby’s parents did not have a family history of the condition, they quickly discovered the abnormalities after the baby was born and took him to the Children’s Hospital at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences for immediate treatment.



The infant’s lack of an anus was also discovered, but surgeons were able to create a path for the baby to pass stools through a colonoscopy by opening the lower left side of the abdomen. Following this procedure, the newborn was released from the hospital after two days and will undergo follow-up surgery.


Diphallia is a rare disorder, with only 100 cases ever recorded. Medical News Today reports that only one in every five to six million live births are affected by this condition.