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Green Haribo Is Actually Strawberry Flavoured

Haribo gummy bear fans are baffled after discovering the true flavor of the green bear, thanks to a recently resurfaced post on Reddit.   While many assumed the green bear was flavored like green apple, lime, or watermelon, it turns out that in most places, the green Goldbear is actually strawberry flavored. This revelation has […]

Selena Gomez Gifts iPhone To Co-Star

Wesley Taylor, Selena Gomez’s co-star on the hit Hulu show Only Murders in the Building, recently shared on Instagram that he received a lavish gift from Selena – a new iPhone!   Taylor, who joined the show in its third season, posted selfies with the singer along with a heartfelt caption expressing his love and […]

Rescue Team Lift Injured Woman With Crane

Well done Malta Rescue Team!    A woman from Serbia residing in St Julian’s, Malta, had to be lifted back to her fourth-floor apartment after suffering a fractured hip from a scooter accident that left her in excruciating pain.   Milka Vujic, a popular influencer who has been living in Malta for four years, fell […]

Family Of Deer Surprise Woman At Her Doorstep

The woman was pleasantly surprised when a group of wild deer appeared outside her home.   Overcome with emotion, she approached them carefully and captured some heartwarming photos and video of the majestic creatures. 🥺❤️🦌    

Justin Bieber Caught Sleeping At Coachella

Shortly after Justin Bieber publicly defended Frank Ocean’s controversial performance at Coachella, a new video has emerged that seems to show the pop star falling asleep during the show.     Ocean, who headlined Sunday night at Coachella, arrived an hour late and faced production issues due to an injury he sustained during a bike […]

Animal Welfare Takes In Dogs From Msida Attack

Confirmed reports state that Animal Welfare officers have taken custody of the dogs involved in the attack that occurred on Monday, along with other dogs found at Andre Galea’s residence in Msida.     A total of eight dogs were retrieved from the house where Galea, a breeder, was chased out in the middle of […]