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The Most Dangerous Airports Around The World

Dangerous Airports World

  Would you trust these airports?     Brace yourself as we explore the world’s riskiest airports which had the most reports on accidents, weather and difficulty to get to   Check out the airports below:   Lukla Airport, Nepal     Wellington International Airport, New Zealand     Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Martin […]

Woman Marries Herself After 20 Yrs Of Saving Up

Woman Marries Herself

  The level of confidence we all need!     42-year-old Sarah Wilkinson from Felixstowe, Suffolk, recently celebrated her wedding at Harvest House.   After years of saving up, she spent £10k on the ceremony to marry herself.     Her wedding was held on September 30th and was surrounded by forty of her closest friends and […]

Dad Becomes World’s 1st Single Father Via Surrogacy

Dad World Single Father Surrogacy

  An Australian man has made history by becoming the first single father through surrogacy.     Shaun Resni, 45, welcomed his son Eli Michael into the world in March 2022.   Only altruistic, gestational surrogacy is permitted in Victoria, despite the fact that 100 infants are born to surrogates statewide each year. Additionally, parents […]

Watch These Movies To Get In The Halloween Spirit

Movies Halloween Spirit

  Halloween is just around the corner – so what better way to get into the Halloween spirit than a spooky movie marathon!     Check out our list of scary movies to get you in the spirit for spooky season:   The Conjuring movies     The Halloween movies     Us     […]

Fake Lawyer Gets Arrested Despite Winning 26 Cases

Fake Lawyer Arrested Cases

  Authorities arrested a fake attorney who won 26 court cases.     The individual was also charged by the authorities with stealing attorney Brian Mwenda Ntwiga’s identity.   According to the Nigerian Tribune, the lawyer had won numerous of cases before magistrates, justices on the Court of Appeals, and judges of the High Court.     The man went to […]

Man Fined $1.4M For Driving 90MPH In 55MPH Zone

Talk about a hefty fine 💸     In Georgia, a man found himself facing a hefty fine for speeding, clocked at a swift 90 mph in a 55 mph zone.   When he received a notification indicating a fine of $1.4 million, he understandably grew concerned. He promptly contacted a Savannah court to seek […]

Couple Gets Married Druing 10 Second NASCAR Pit Stop

  Every NASCAR’s fan dream wedding🏎️     Tori Lindsay and Nick Brendel exchanged their wedding vows in front of a massive NASCAR crowd, and it all unfolded in the blink of an eye, lasting less than 10 seconds!   The unique “Busch Light Pit Stop Wedding” took place during the South Point 400 NASCAR […]

UK School Hires Robot As Assistant Headmaster

  Will robots actually take over the world?     In a surprising turn of events, a school in the United Kingdom has taken a unique step by appointing an AI robot as its “principal headteacher”. Cottesmore School, situated in West Sussex, partnered with an artificial intelligence developer to create Abigail Bailey, the robotic headteacher, […]

Gaia Releases New Pop Banger ‘Why?’

Malta’s pop princess is back with a new banger 🔥   Gaia Cauchi, the local artist and songwriter, has unveiled her latest single, “why?” This track marks her first release of 2023, following her previous hit, “11:11.” Gaia brings us this pop-infused single, serving a casual yet irresistibly catchy exploration into the reasons her heart […]

People Who Decorate Early For Christmas Are Happier

  Time to bring out those decorations🎄     Experts have confirmed that people who put up Christmas decorations early are happier!   “It does create that neurological shift that can produce happiness,” Psychologist Deborah Serani tells TODAY. “I think anything that takes us out of our normal habituation, the normal day in, day out […]

Ed Sheeran Coming to Malta As Part Of 2024 Tour

Surprising news for Maltese people 🤩   Ed Sheeran, the globally renowned singer-songwriter, has sent waves of excitement through the hearts of his fans with the announcement of his upcoming 2024 tour this morning 🎶   The British superstar is set to embark on a musical journey that will take him to various parts of […]