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Couple Gets Married Druing 10 Second NASCAR Pit Stop


Every NASCAR’s fan dream wedding🏎️



Tori Lindsay and Nick Brendel exchanged their wedding vows in front of a massive NASCAR crowd, and it all unfolded in the blink of an eye, lasting less than 10 seconds!


The unique “Busch Light Pit Stop Wedding” took place during the South Point 400 NASCAR Cup Series playoff race, marking what has been dubbed the “fastest wedding imaginable.” Their wedding coincided with driver Kevin Harvick’s pit stop during the race.

couple getting married in less than 10 seconds at NASCAR

Their swift nuptials occurred in front of an enthusiastic crowd of 80,000 racing fans. Tori, the bride, donned a white NASCAR racing suit with a veil elegantly wrapped around her waist, and she carried a bouquet of white roses adorned with Busch Light beer cans.


Meanwhile, Nick, the groom, sported a white button-up shirt, tie, and boutonniere beneath a NASCAR jacket, complete with matching pants. Actor Gerald Downey, widely recognized as the “Busch Guy” from various Busch Light commercials, was present to assist Nick in getting ready. He helped Nick knot his tie before the ceremony.

couple getting married in less than 10 seconds at NASCAR

Furthermore, Downey played the crucial role of the officiant for the wedding. In front of the pit stop crew, he loudly asked Nick if he took Tori to be his bride, to which Nick nodded and silently mouthed the words, ‘I do.’ The same question was posed to Tori, who responded in kind. Downey joyfully pronounced them “man and wife” and encouraged them to kiss. The crowd erupted in cheers as the couple shared a quick smooch. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds radiated with joy as they departed the pit stop area and began their celebration.