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Hotel Slammed For Serving Dessert On Woman In Bikini

Hotel Dessert Woman Bikini

  A fancy hotel in Italy has recently been slammed for their unusual decision to serve dessert alongside a woman in a bikini covered in chocolate as an addition to the table.     The staff member was on display for 30 minutes as part of dessert and entertainment at the Hotel Voi Colonna Village […]

The World’s Most Original Headquarters Ever Built

World Original Headquarters

  From headquarters to landmarks!     These creative companies built some of the most original and stunning headquarters in the world.   Check out the world’s most original HQs ever built:   Ferrari     Apple     Amazon     McLaren     Mercedes Benz     BMW    

You Can Now Play Golf Next To Pyramids In Egypt

Golf Pyramids Egypt

  You can now golf with the most unique background if you visit Egypt’s Mena House golf course just beside the Great Pyramid of Cheops.     Mena House, which is located not far from the pyramids, offers golfers not only a challenge but incredible panoramic views.   This place will forever stand as a […]

Did You Know Mr. Bean Only Has A Total Of 15 Episodes Over 6 Years

Mr. Bean Episodes

  Do you remember this iconic TV show?     Mr. Bean ran for 6 years from 1990 to 1995 and had only 15 episodes in total. Some people cannot believe that Mr. Bean has only around 6 and a half hours to watch, considering how brilliant the show was for such little time.   […]

7 Facebook Games We All Played Growing Up

Facebook Games Growing Up

  Throwback to the days when we were all addicted to these Facebook games!     Who else spent hours planting crops, solving mysteries, and building virtual empires?   Check out the games here:   FarmVille     Criminal Case     Pet Society     Happy Aquarium     PetVille     Cafe World […]

Twins Give Birth In The Same Hospital At The Same Time

Twins Birth Hospital

  Twin telepathy on another level!   These twin sisters gave birth at the same time, in the same hospital and they both had boys.     Identical twins Gillianne and Nicole are even twinning in motherhood after they fell pregnant at the same time and giving birth only 5 hours apart at Epworth Freemasons […]

Photographer Captures Cotton Candy Skies In Italy

Photographer Italy

  Sunrises from our dreams!   An Italian photographer shares photos of the most beautiful sunrises in Italy. These pastel-coloured sunsets were captured from a beach in Marche, Italy.   This place is famous for its authenticity and praised for its walled villages overlooking breathtaking rolling hills.     Would you visit here?   📸: […]

Woman Wears Funny Wigs To Hide Pink Hair From Work

Emily Benschoter faced a surprising request to conceal her pink hair after accepting a job offer. Determined to keep her position, the 29-year-old opted to wear wigs instead.     During her interview for a front-of-house role in the hospitality sector, the meeting was not conducted in person or via video, leaving the interviewer unaware […]

Couple Set To Live On Cruise Forever To Travel The World

For a cool £1 million, this couple is embarking on a 12-year adventure of a lifetime – living on a cruise ship. Amanda and her boyfriend have invested generously to secure their spot on a cruise setting sail in 2025. But how are they financing this extended voyage, you may wonder? With an impressive portfolio […]

Khloe Changes Son’s Name From Baby To Tatum

Out with ‘Baby Kardashian,’ in with the charming Tatum Thompson! 🎉   Khloé Kardashian has undergone a legal name change process for her baby boy with Tristan Thompson. Initially, the birth certificate had the name “Baby Kardashian” as Khloé had not decided on a name at the time. However, according to documents obtained by PEOPLE, […]

Rihanna Donates Supplies To Homeless & Disabled

Rihanna generously contributed a substantial sum to support disabled and homeless veterans in Los Angeles.     Despite her busy life as a mother to two baby boys, the 35-year-old singer made time to collaborate with the Always For The People Foundation, placing a significant order of supplies for distribution. According to an insider who […]