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Couple Set To Live On Cruise Forever To Travel The World

For a cool £1 million, this couple is embarking on a 12-year adventure of a lifetime – living on a cruise ship.

Amanda and her boyfriend have invested generously to secure their spot on a cruise setting sail in 2025. But how are they financing this extended voyage, you may wonder?

With an impressive portfolio of 25 properties, they plan to manage their assets while sailing the world.

Making this dream a reality has been a longstanding goal for the couple. They even experimented with a smaller-scale version a few years back by spending a month on a friend’s yacht in the Bahamas. However, they soon discovered that the costs of fixing the boat’s mechanical issues exceeded the trip’s expenses. Amanda recounted, “We ended up spending around £25,000 on repairs for the engine, and the fuel set us back between £15,000 and £20,000. So, we decided to opt for a £1 million, 12-year lease on an apartment within a cruise ship, offering us a permanent sea-bound residence.”

Surprisingly, despite being a long-held aspiration, Amanda made the decision rather spontaneously. “I booked a call and promptly paid a £10,000 deposit – I’m known for making quick decisions.”It’s worth noting that, apart from the £1 million lease, there are other unexpected fees associated with living on the ship.