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Rihanna Donates Supplies To Homeless & Disabled

Rihanna generously contributed a substantial sum to support disabled and homeless veterans in Los Angeles.



Despite her busy life as a mother to two baby boys, the 35-year-old singer made time to collaborate with the Always For The People Foundation, placing a significant order of supplies for distribution.

According to an insider who shared details with Page Six, the renowned artist personally reached out to the foundation’s founder, Sennett Devermont. With her generous donation, Devermont was able to provide hundreds of essential items, including hygiene kits, socks, clothing, sleeping bags, food, over 50 pairs of shoes, toilet paper, and even dog food, among other necessities.

This isn’t the first time the nine-time Grammy winner has demonstrated her commitment to veterans in need. Back in 2022, when she was pregnant with her son RZA, Rihanna paid a visit to veterans at the VA Medical Center, previously known as the homeless encampment called Veterans Row, in West Los Angeles. During this visit, an insider informed Page Six that Rihanna exhibited genuine interest and concern for the veterans’ well-being.

Notably, she arrived at the facility dressed casually in sweats and refrained from documenting her philanthropic actions. Instead, she focused on actively engaging with the veterans, dedicating hours to listen attentively to their concerns and issues. There were no camera crews or public relations activities involved in her visit.

Rihanna brought with her a van loaded with essential supplies, including sleeping bags, blankets, thermals, flashlights, toilet paper, water, bike locks, and mini safes. She only agreed to take photos when individuals approached her and requested pictures, emphasizing her commitment to making a meaningful impact without seeking recognition.