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Mermaid Skeleton Shows Up In Australian Beach

Mermaid Skeleton Beach

  A woman discovered the remains of a mysterious creature while driving by the Keppel Sands beach in Queensland, Australia.     She posted about this on Facebook and explained that it looked similar to a mermaid, had a human-looking skull, was about 2 metres long and hairy.     “It was exactly like a […]

Earn €3k To Test Margaritas At Las Vegas With Your BFF

Margaritas Las Vegas BFF

  A dream for margarita lovers!     You and your best friend can now get paid to drink margaritas for a week in Las Vegas.   Here is how you can become an official ‘Las Vegas Margarita Tester’ – OnlineCasino.Ca are running a competition for someone to travel to Las Vegas and taste test […]

Lana Del Rey Spotted Working As A Waitress

How would you react if Lana Del Rey served  you coffee?     In a surprising twist, Lana Del Rey left her fans stunned when she was recently spotted working as a waitress at a Waffle House in Alabama.   The 38-year-old singer took a break from the spotlight and donned the restaurant chain’s blue […]

Cat Accepted By Capybaras After Losing His Mum In Zoo

Cat Capybaras

He even has his own plaque!     Oyen is the ginger cat that became good friends with the capybaras at a zoo in Malaysia.     The capybara enclosure now has a new signage stating “Capybara & Oyen” after the cat started hanging out with the capybaras and became one of them.   @thatgoodnewsgirl […]

Hotel In Switzerland Is The Loneliest One In The World

Hotel Switzerland Loneliest

  Would you stay here?     This hotel is called ‘Hotel Gletscher-Restaurant Belvedere’ and can be found on the Furka Pass Road in Switzerland.   Although the hotel is currently closed, it has been named the ‘world’s loneliest hotel’.  

Man Fired For Saving Baby Moose From A Bear Attack

Baby Moose Bear

  Mark Skage saved a baby moose wandering by herself on the side of the road after a spotting a bear nearby.     This happened while he was driving in Canada. After seeing the baby moose almost hit by several vehicles, he stopped to help her and she immediately tried getting inside his van. […]

Woman Who Married Ghost Got Divorced With Exorcism

Woman Ghost Divorced Exorcism

  Who needs a regular divorce when you can have an exorcism? 💔👻     This woman took her breakup to a whole new level by divorcing her ghostly husband through a spiritual cleansing.   Brocarde shocked the world after marrying a ghost from the Victorian-era. But now, they got divorced!   After her husband […]

University Allows Students To Graduate In Costumes

University Students Costumes

  Students are allowed to dress whatever they like for graduation at University of Kyoto.     This university happens to be one of the biggest universities in Japan and the second-oldest after University of Tokyo.   For this memorable event, students get creative and attend wearing the most extravagant costumes.   Do you think […]

8 Local Personalities We Love As Parents

Local Personalities Children

  It’s World Parents’ Day today – so here are some local faces you surely recognize with their adorable children!     Two Papas Malta     Nate   Angie Laus     The New Victorians     Ira Losco     Ben Camille     Gianluca Bezzina     Eileen Montesin  

EuroPride Valletta Tickets Out For Sale On 24th July

Exciting news ahead!       Get ready to immerse yourself in the unforgettable experience of EuroPride Valletta 2023 Concert featuring the sensational pop icon, Christina Aguilera! And the best part? Tickets are up for grabs, and they’re absolutely free! Mark your calendars for Monday, 24th July, as that’s when you can secure your spot […]

Worlds Hottest Truck Driver Makes €60K+ In 6 Months

Crushing it in the mines by day, conquering the world’s adventures by night!     Meet Ashlea, hailing from Perth, Australia, who has taken her girl boss status to incredible heights, diving headfirst into a challenging industry. As a dump truck driver stationed in remote Western Australia, Ashlea’s workdays follow a unique rhythm of 14 […]

Asteroid Worth Billions To Be Explored This Year

Psyche 16: The cosmic billionaire factory?   Zooming through the cosmos is an asteroid believed to be bursting with precious metals, boasting a mind-boggling value of $10,000 quintillion or approximately 8,000 quintillion quid.   The allure of such vast wealth might seem incredible, promising to turn every person on Earth into a billionaire. However, before […]

Ariana Grande Rumoured To Be Dating Spongebob Star

Love takes center-stage 🥰   After her recent separation from husband Dalton Gomez, rumors are swirling that Ariana Grande has found love in the arms of her Wicked co-star, Ethan Slater.   Though Ariana and Dalton officially parted ways in January, the news of their split was only made public this week. Speculations about Ariana […]

Enemalta CEO Says The Powercuts Are Indefinite

Enemalta, facing an intense heatwave, struggles with widespread power cuts affecting numerous homes in Malta and Gozo.   Eight high voltage cable faults worsen the disruptions throughout the country. Enemalta’s CEO, Jonathan Cardona, admits the persistent high temperatures and cable faults make it impossible to guarantee a stable power supply during the ongoing heatwave. In […]

First Look At Kim Kardashian In American Horror Story

Never thought we’d see Kim K like this 😨   The much-anticipated teaser trailer for the new season of American Horror Story has finally hit the internet, sending shivers down the spines of fans worldwide.   One striking feature of the teaser is the appearance of none other than Kim Kardashian, joining a stellar lineup […]

PSG & Italy’s Donnarumma Tied & Assaulted In Robbery

Wishing them a speedy recovery ❤ The PSG goalkeeper and his spouse fell victim to a violent burglary, during which they were both restrained. The extent of the damage caused is estimated at a substantial €500,000. In a fortunate turn of events, the distressed victims managed to seek refuge in a nearby hotel around 3:20 […]