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Woman Who Married Ghost Got Divorced With Exorcism

Woman Ghost Divorced Exorcism


Who needs a regular divorce when you can have an exorcism? 💔👻



This woman took her breakup to a whole new level by divorcing her ghostly husband through a spiritual cleansing.


Brocarde shocked the world after marrying a ghost from the Victorian-era. But now, they got divorced!


After her husband started getting possessive and disappear for days and come back smelling of Chanel No.5, which was Marilyn Monroe’s signature smell, she tried to put boundaries on him which only made him angrier.


Woman who married a Victorian ghost reveals she's divorced him through an  exorcism


So she decided to return to the chapel where they ‘exchanged vows’ and performed an exorcism.


“Since the exorcism I haven’t felt his presence or seen him, the whole energy has shifted and life feels more light and joyful.”