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Worlds Hottest Truck Driver Makes €60K+ In 6 Months

Crushing it in the mines by day, conquering the world’s adventures by night!



Meet Ashlea, hailing from Perth, Australia, who has taken her girl boss status to incredible heights, diving headfirst into a challenging industry.

As a dump truck driver stationed in remote Western Australia, Ashlea’s workdays follow a unique rhythm of 14 days on and 14 days off, toiling away in the scorching heat of the Pilbara mines. Rising at the crack of dawn, she embarks on 12-hour shifts that demand grit and determination.

Yet, Ashlea’s efforts pay off handsomely, as she brings home an impressive $120,000 annually for essentially working just “six months out of the year.”

In her downtime, Ashlea makes it a mission to embrace life to the fullest, as she graciously shares with her TikTok followers. Her videos offer an exclusive peek into the world of a ‘truckie’ who thrives on adventure, excitement, and joy. From attending events to partying, from globetrotting to indulging in exquisite dining experiences, she immerses herself in everything she loves.

Ashlea’s incredible journey showcases a perfect blend of hard work and savoring life’s pleasures, proving that she’s a true inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs out there.