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Nate And Soulayma Have Just Been Eliminated

Bring out the tissues 😞   In an emotional elimination, the islanders chose to kick out Nate and Soulayma tonight. This task wasn’t an easy decision for the fellow islanders and the two will definitely be missed by the islanders and us viewers too!

Earth Garden Returns This Weekend For Its 16th Edition

Join Earth Garden for an unforgettable summer experience!   Malta’s beloved alternative festival, Earth Garden, returns to Ta Qali Picnic area from June 2nd to June 4th, 2023, following a successful attendance of over 40,000 people in 2022. This highly anticipated event offers a unique fusion of music, art, and culture, uniting people of all […]

The Crying Emoji Is The Most Used Emoji On Twitter

Emojis have become an essential part of our online communication, enhancing our self-expression.     Despite their long existence, emojis are more popular than ever, particularly on Twitter. Following a year of lockdowns, experts in emojis have determined that the Loudly Crying Face is the most frequently used emoji on Twitter.   By examining 1.68 […]

Pastizzi Being Sold For $5 Each In Arizona, USA

Pastizzi, a popular food item on the island, require significant skill to be made properly.     While they cost around 0.50c in Malta, people were astonished to discover that a single pastizzi in the US is priced at a steep $5.   A Facebook post featuring a pastizzi vendor in Arizona selling his products […]

Hilarious BTS Clip From The Little Mermaid Going Viral

We really didn’t think the behind the scenes looked like this.. A video of footage from behind the scenes is going viral, after speculations rise as to what role the blue masked people play! Some hilarious comments on the internet wrote ‘I’m tryna figure out how you get the job to be the guys in […]

€100K Invested By Malta Create For Maltese Cinema

In order to aid budding Maltese filmmakers, the Malta Film Commission (MFC) recently held an informational session at MCAST in Paola.     The ‘Malta Create’ Short Film Fund, established in cooperation with the Mediterranean Film Festival, was inaugurated during the session. The grant offers €100,000 for short film production together with industry help and […]

Venice River Mysteriously Turns Bright Green

Authorities in Venice are currently investigating a peculiar phenomenon that has caught the attention of locals and tourists alike.     The main canal of the city, near the iconic Rialto Bridge, has taken on a striking fluorescent green hue, leaving experts and officials puzzled as they work to determine the cause behind this unusual […]

Man Rides Bus In Malta With His Pet Pigeon

The pigeon even has its own harness ..     A well-behaved pigeon perched comfortably on its owner’s shoulder, showcasing a heart warming bond between the man and his feathered companion!   The pigeon, sporting its very own specially designed harness, sat confidently on its owner’s shoulder, seemingly unperturbed by the bus’s bustling atmosphere. What […]