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€100K Invested By Malta Create For Maltese Cinema

In order to aid budding Maltese filmmakers, the Malta Film Commission (MFC) recently held an informational session at MCAST in Paola.



The ‘Malta Create’ Short Film Fund, established in cooperation with the Mediterranean Film Festival, was inaugurated during the session. The grant offers €100,000 for short film production together with industry help and coaching.

By fostering talent and providing a firm foundation for aspiring filmmakers, this project strengthens the Maltese film industry. Johann Grech, the commissioner for film in Malta, is dedicated to advancing Maltese cinema’s future through promoting talent growth and opening doors.


Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo highlights that the ‘Malta Create’ Short Film Fund goes beyond supporting the film industry, reflecting Malta’s dedication to advancing the creative arts. The fund showcases the nation’s commitment to cultural growth and artistic excellence, integral to its thriving tourism sector. The ‘Malta Create’ partnership with MCAST invests in youth, providing practical opportunities for learning, innovation, and success.


Filmmakers have until June 7th, 2023, to apply for the ‘Malta Create’ Short Film Fund. The winner will be announced during the inaugural Mediterranean Film Festival. For detailed guidelines, visit