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Venice River Mysteriously Turns Bright Green

Authorities in Venice are currently investigating a peculiar phenomenon that has caught the attention of locals and tourists alike.



The main canal of the city, near the iconic Rialto Bridge, has taken on a striking fluorescent green hue, leaving experts and officials puzzled as they work to determine the cause behind this unusual occurrence.


ARPAV, the Veneto regional environmental protection agency, confirmed that they had received samples of the altered waters and had embarked on the task of identifying the substance responsible for the drastic change in colour.


In response to the incident, the Venice prefect has organized an emergency meeting of police forces. The purpose of this gathering is to gain a comprehensive understanding of what transpired and to explore possible measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.


Interestingly, this incident bears some resemblance to recent cases in Italy where environmental activist groups have deliberately coloured monuments as a form of protest or artistic expression. However, in the case of the green canal in Venice, no such group has claimed responsibility for the occurrence.