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Pastizzi Being Sold For $5 Each In Arizona, USA

Pastizzi, a popular food item on the island, require significant skill to be made properly.



While they cost around 0.50c in Malta, people were astonished to discover that a single pastizzi in the US is priced at a steep $5.


A Facebook post featuring a pastizzi vendor in Arizona selling his products at this price sparked a lively discussion about the price disparity between the two countries. The highlighted pastizz was prepared by Joseph Gauci, the creator of the renowned mobile food truck known as The Pastizzi Express, who is famously known as Malta Joe.


His menu offers a variety of pastizzi, ranging from the classic rikotta cheese and piżelli (peas) to his own signature southwest recipe consisting of “a delicious combination of bacon and hatch chillies, accompanied by our famous ricotta cheese base.”