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7 Countries To Visit If You’re Travelling On A Budget

Travelling doesn’t always have to cost a fortune🛫     If you’re looking for some budget-friendly destinations for this year’s trip, then check out these 7 countries that won’t break your bank: Vilnius, Lithuania 2. Ohrid, Macedonia 3. Bratislava, Slovakia 4. Wroclaw, Poland 5. Zagreb, Croatia 6. Pecs, Hungary 7. Korce, Albania   Which country […]

7 Countries To Visit To Escape The Summer Heat

Countries Escape Summer Heat

  Though Malta has already started dealing with heat, winter is on its way in many other countries around the world.     Winter is experienced by countries in the southern hemisphere in the months of June, July, and August.   Check out the countries here:   Australia     New Zealand     Peru […]

7 Safe Countries For Women To Travel Solo

Safe Countries Women Travel Solo

Looking for countries to start your next solo adventure? Check out the top 7 safest countries we recommend for solo female travel.     Although nowhere can be 100% safe, these European countries were found to be safer and calmer than others.   Check out the countries here:   Finland     Belgium     […]