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You Can Pay Someone To Be In Traffic For You In Beijing

Should we start introducing this service locally ?🤣


As per reports in the media, a solution has been introduced in Beijing, China, aimed at helping individuals avoid the frustration of being trapped in traffic jams.

Dubbed “Jam Busting,” this innovative service empowers those ensnared in traffic snarls to secure their escape by making a payment of approximately $60. “Jam Busting” enables people to hire individuals, primarily riding motorcycles, to rescue them from the clutches of gridlocked roads and expedite their journey. These skilled motorcyclists navigate through narrow openings and utilize alternative routes to circumvent the traffic congestion.

Notably, a similar service, named ‘Dingding Yueche,’ was introduced in 2015. Under this previous service, stranded drivers were picked up by motorcycle and transported to their desired destination while someone else took charge of their vehicle. The cost of this service was $65 per trip, but it was ultimately discontinued after a brief run due to low demand and safety concerns.

Although this type of service gained popularity in Jinan, the capital of Shandong province, during its earlier iteration, trust issues and fears of potential vehicle theft initially deterred people from using it