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You Can Pay Someone To Be In Traffic For You In Beijing

Should we start introducing this service locally ?🤣   As per reports in the media, a solution has been introduced in Beijing, China, aimed at helping individuals avoid the frustration of being trapped in traffic jams. Dubbed “Jam Busting,” this innovative service empowers those ensnared in traffic snarls to secure their escape by making a […]

Dominic From Liquorish Directs Traffic In Qormi

Dominic Giannakoudakis, a competitor on Liquorish, recently posted on Facebook about how frustrating it was to drive during rush hour in Santa Venera/Qormi.     He asked why no one was sent by the government to control the traffic while posting a video of himself guiding cars. Although he was aware of the frequent traffic […]

Cars Stuck In Mellieħa Traffic Waiting For Tarmac To Dry

On Wednesday morning, a section of freshly placed tarmac caused a one-hour traffic delay in Mellieħa as drivers were waiting for it to dry.   Starting at the top of Mellieħa’s hill and extending all the way to the Seabank Hotel was the gridlock. People were exiting their vehicles to smoke next to the roadside. […]

Multiple Collisions Cause Heavy Traffic All Over Malta

According to a statement released this morning by the “Maltese Roads Traffic Updates” Facebook page, numerous collisions have been reported causing significant traffic congestion in several areas.     The situation has been exacerbated by the rain that has persisted throughout the morning. The affected areas, as reported by the page, include Fgura, tal-Barrani, Birgu, […]

There Are 426,720 Vehicles On The Maltese Roads

The National Statistics Office recently released information stating that there are a massive 426,720 vehicles on Maltese roads as of March 2023.   Among them, passenger cars account for 74.5%, goods-carrying vehicles make up 12.4%, and motorcycles, e-bikes, PA-bikes, special purpose vehicles, e-kick scooters, agricultural vehicles and/or minibuses account for 12.3%. The net average increase […]

Standstill Traffic After Accident In St. Venera

On Tuesday morning, a collision involving a motorcycle and two vehicles resulted in the closure of the southbound lanes of the Santa Venera tunnels, leading to a significant traffic jam during rush hour. According to a motorist, the accident occurred at 7.39am, with the Honda motorcycle becoming wedged between a Ford Transit and a Citroen […]