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Volunteers Praised For Post-Glastonbury Clean Up

Where the music ended, the cleanup begins 🎶


The Glastonbury Festival came to a close on Sunday, culminating with a mesmerizing performance by Elton John, leaving thousands of attendees now making their way back home. The festival showcased an impressive lineup of headliners, including Arctic Monkeys and Guns N’ Roses, who delivered unforgettable performances on the grand stage.

Glastonbury cleanup: revellers put past filth behind them as festival site  left better than ever | The Independent

As the festivities conclude, the focus now shifts towards the crucial task of cleanup. With the assistance of hundreds of dedicated volunteers, the process of removing litter from Worthy Farm and dismantling various stages is now underway. Given the exodus of festival-goers from the area, it is expected that travel will be sluggish in the vicinity surrounding the site. Gradually, the campsites surrounding Worthy Farm are beginning to empty out as well.

Huge Glastonbury clean-up begins as thousands leave Worthy Farm | Evening  Standard

In parallel with the mass departure, the festival crew’s recycling team is diligently working to eliminate thousands of metric tonnes of waste, striving to restore the farm to its original state. Festival organizers have emphatically encouraged attendees to be responsible for their belongings and adopt a “love the farm, leave no trace” approach.


The remarkable dedication and hard work demonstrated by everyone involved in the festival, from volunteers to attendees, deserve immense appreciation. Their collective efforts have contributed to the overall success of this memorable event.

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