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Top 8 Most Stressful Jobs, According To Experts

You’re not alone if you’re already dreading tomorrow’s workday. Many people believe that their occupation is the most stressful of them all, but are they correct?

The most demanding jobs combine high emotional and mental demands with low remuneration for individuals who work in the industry.





The high levels of stress and burnout are caused by more than just the inherent, high-risk description of a particular employment. There are a variety of different reasons why someone may be biting their nails at work.



Overall, the ranking methodology looked at some job demands that cause stress. These elements included: The potential for growth, deadlines, working in the public eye, competitiveness, physical requirements, environmental factors and the dangers encountered.

Did yours make the list?:

1. Surgeon



2. Police Officer



3. Firefighter



4. Social Worker


5. Paramedic



6. Pilot


7. Reporter



8. Taxi driver