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There Are 426,720 Vehicles On The Maltese Roads

The National Statistics Office recently released information stating that there are a massive 426,720 vehicles on Maltese roads as of March 2023.


Among them, passenger cars account for 74.5%, goods-carrying vehicles make up 12.4%, and motorcycles, e-bikes, PA-bikes, special purpose vehicles, e-kick scooters, agricultural vehicles and/or minibuses account for 12.3%. The net average increase of licensed motor vehicles during the quarter was 20 per day.


During the period reviewed, 4,704 newly licensed motor vehicles were put on the road, and 64.6% of them were passenger cars. As of March 2023, 58.6% of the motor vehicles had petrol powered engines, while diesel powered motor vehicles made up 36.5% of the total, and electric and plug-in hybrid motor vehicles accounted for 2.9% of the stock.


Compared to the previous quarter, there were increases of 43.5%, 15.4%, and 10.6% in combined (diesel-LPG), plug-in hybrid (diesel-electric), and plug-in hybrid (petrol-electric) motor vehicles, respectively.