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All Movies Coming To Eden Cinemas This May

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Grab your popcorn and get ready for an exciting month of cinematic adventures at Eden Cinemas!   With a jam-packed schedule of must-see movies, May is shaping up to be a thrilling ride. From superheroes battling evil villains to rom-coms that will have you swooning, there’s no shortage of entertainment to be found at this […]

Jerry Springer Dead At 79 After Cancer Battle

Jerry Springer, a highly influential and controversial personality in the history of television, has passed away 😢 For 27 years, Jerry hosted the wildly popular syndicated talk show “The Jerry Springer Show,” which was renowned for its unconventional guests who often engaged in heated and outrageous altercations.   According to a spokesperson for his family, […]

Oral Sex Revealed As Main Cause Of Throat Cancer

According to a scientist, oral sex has become the primary cause of throat cancer, as evidenced by two decades of research.   The western world has witnessed a sharp increase in throat cancer, which some scientists are now calling an “epidemic,” with one specific type of throat cancer predominantly located on the tonsil area in […]

19-Yr-Old Maltese Dancer Gets Offered Dream Job At Disney

Congratulations Elisa on your achievement !   Elisa Cassar, a talented dancer from Malta, recently shared in an interview on TVAM that she has been offered a job at Disneyland Paris in France.   She will begin her new and exciting role this May, after successfully passing through a grueling six-round audition process.   Elisa […]

Kim K Lookalike Dies At Age 37 From Cardiac Arrest

Christina Ashten Gourkani, a content creator on OnlyFans who was recognized for her resemblance to Kim Kardashian, has passed away at the age of 34 due to cardiac arrest after a medical procedure that had unexpected complications.   The family of Gourkani shared the news in a statement posted on GoFundMe, recounting the phone call […]

This Is The Farthest Away Picture Taken Of The Earth

NASA’s robots for exploration have travelled across Mars, orbited around Saturn, and ventured beyond the planets into interstellar space.   Despite this, the engineers at the space agency frequently instruct their machines to turn their gaze back towards Earth, the vivid blue dot in the distance. Recently, they captured the most distant images ever taken […]

Kim Wants To Quit Reality TV To Be A Full-Time Lawyer

During a panel at the 2023 TIME100 Summit, Kim Kardashian expressed her willingness to give up her reality TV career and become a full-time lawyer.   When asked by moderator Poppy Harlow if she would consider stepping away from the cameras, Kardashian replied with an affirmative “absolutely.” She further stated that although she cherishes the […]

There Are 426,720 Vehicles On The Maltese Roads

The National Statistics Office recently released information stating that there are a massive 426,720 vehicles on Maltese roads as of March 2023.   Among them, passenger cars account for 74.5%, goods-carrying vehicles make up 12.4%, and motorcycles, e-bikes, PA-bikes, special purpose vehicles, e-kick scooters, agricultural vehicles and/or minibuses account for 12.3%. The net average increase […]