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The Oldest Sibling Tends To Earn The Most Money

Eldest siblings keep winning💸



Typically, the eldest child in a family experiences more supervision and stricter parenting throughout their upbringing compared to their younger siblings👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

This strict supervision often instills a strong desire in the eldest to meet their parents’ expectations and achieve success. Our individual identities are significantly shaped by our positions within our family dynamics, leading firstborns to develop traits of assertiveness, leadership, and self-discipline. Driven by an underlying concern about maintaining their status, firstborns frequently exhibit an exceptional resolve to succeed.

This ambition often extends into the professional realm for firstborns. Research conducted by CareerBuilder reveals that eldest siblings are more prone to achieving annual incomes of €100,000 or higher compared to their younger siblings. The findings also highlight the significant influence of birth order on occupational status, with firstborns being the most likely among those with siblings to secure six-figure salaries and attain executive roles such as CEO, CFO, and other senior positions.

However, it’s important to note that only children frequently outpace even firstborns in climbing to these top-tier positions.

Moreover, firstborns are inclined to pursue careers that demand advanced education, venturing into fields like government, healthcare, and science. This pursuit often results in them consuming a larger share of familial resources for their educational and career aspirations, sometimes at the expense of their younger siblings.