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The Oldest Sibling Tends To Earn The Most Money

Eldest siblings keep winning💸     Typically, the eldest child in a family experiences more supervision and stricter parenting throughout their upbringing compared to their younger siblings👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 This strict supervision often instills a strong desire in the eldest to meet their parents’ expectations and achieve success. Our individual identities are significantly shaped by our positions […]

First Borns Have Higher IQs Than Their Siblings

Study Reveals Mental Advantage for First-Born Children   Research indicates that first-born children tend to outperform their siblings in terms of cognitive abilities, as they receive more mental stimulation from their parents during their early years.   The study also shows that first-borns exhibit higher IQ scores as early as age one, with parents providing […]

The 9 Most Iconic Maltese Siblings

Iconic Maltese Siblings

  Check out our favourite and most iconic local siblings:   The Losco sisters     Keith & Fabian Demicoli     Kevin Paul & Kurt Calleja     The Micallef siblings     Claudia & Fabrizio Faniello     The Bezzina siblings     The New Victorians     Hermann & Karl Bonaci   […]