Professional Partier Gets Paid To Drink Every Night

  Imagine never having to experience a hangover… A professional drinker who is paid to down pints every night claims to never experience a hangover in addition to having the ultimate job.     A bar manager named Danielle Walsh, 34, after she displayed her incredible ability to down drinks in a matter of seconds […]

Cardi B Gifts Daughter $50K for Her Birthday

Cardi B & Offset Gift their Daughter; Kulture $50K for Birthday.   Kulture can be seen in a video the back of an SUV, when her dad handed her stacks of cash that amounted to $50k.     This is not the first time her parents gave her lavish presents like that, she was previously […]

Woman Makes €10k Per Month By Selling Toenails

toenails woman

  First it was farts, than it was sweat, now we’re also selling toenails!     Rebekka Blue is making around €10k per month by selling her toenail clippings, spit and used earbuds.   The 28-year-old from North Carolina, US refuses to throw anything away to make profit profit however she can.   Her plan […]

Jake Paul Becomes Broke After Putting All His Money In Cryptocurrency

Jake Paul broke

  Jake Paul is reportedly broke – at least that’s what his older brother Logan just said!   This was after the crypto market took a huge hit in recent months and Bitcoin’s plummeting price dragged other digital currencies with it, further deepening the crypto crash.     Logan revealed this during a recent episode […]

WATCH: Free Money Scattered Across Berlin Mall

  The witness who saw the event stated:   “I become a casual witness of when someone scattered money from a balcony in a shopping center in Berlin. I picked up one of the banknotes and made sure that the money was real. Who did it and what their intentions remained a mystery. Passers-by happily […]

You Can Get Paid £50K To Live On UK Islands

  The Scottish government is rolling out £50,000 to families who choose to live on the Scottish Islands.     No, this isn’t a typo. As an incentive to increase their population, the Scottish government has decided to invest £5 million in this incentive, giving 100 families the opportunity to live on the islands.   […]

You Can ‘Netflix & Chill’ For €60K This Valentine’s

  Are you and your Valentine going to ‘Netflix and chill’ this year? You might as well make some money while you’re doing it — €60,000, to be precise.     Since the release of Stranger Things in 2016, streaming platforms have made binge-watching more acceptable than ever before: laying in front of the TV […]

Get Paid €180,000 A Year As A Dog Food Tester

  Stuck in a dead end job and want to spice up your CV with a unique career? Look no further! TikToker Matt Welland shared a list of weird jobs that pay extraordinarily well. There is a catch, though…     Job #1: Dog food tester – €180,000/yr The contents in the image below are going […]

Workers And Students To Receive €100 Cheque By The Government

  Prime Minister Robert Abela announced at a press conference that the government will pay all workers and students an average of €100, and pensioners and those on social support will receive €200 in a financial injection for the economy.   The government will spend €70 million on the project. A total of 380,000 people […]

Here’s How You Can Get Paid To Play Board Games In Your PJ’s This Christmas

  During the Christmas season, it’s usually a tradition to spend hours playing board games with your family. However this year, your competitiveness can actually help you make some money!     The UK-based toy and games company ‘John Adams’ is looking for people willing to get cosy and play family board games at home. […]

MBB and HSBC Malta launch financial literacy scheme

The Malta Business Bureau and the HSBC Malta Foundation have launched a new scheme to improve financial literacy in Malta. INVEST+ will hold mentoring sessions and workshops on finance, accounting, savings and investment. MBB President Simon De Cesare said the objective was not to turn participants into financial experts, but to give them an understanding […]

€375,000 Super 5 jackpot won by single ticket

A lucky punter will be celebrating after winning the Super 5 lottery jackpot on Wednesday evening. In a statement, lottery operator Maltco said one winner who bought a ticket in Naxxar had won the €375,000 jackpot. The winning numbers were 6 • 23 • 29 • 32 • 26. Congratulations!

It could be YOU! Malta has a new lotto millionaire

How would you spend €1.18 million? Someone in Malta is celebrating after winning the whopping cash sum just in time for Christmas. Lottery operator Maltco said the €1,183,449.38 Super 5 jackpot was taken home by a single winner this week. The winning ticket was bought in Zejtun. The lucky numbers were 4 24 14 19 6. The […]

One person wins Malta’s biggest lottery jackpot of 2018

Someone in Malta will be celebrating their luck today. One lucky winner has scooped the biggest lottery jackpot of the year so far – an incredible €810,302. Lottery operator Maltco told 89.7 Bay the winning ticket was bought from an outlet in Birkirkara. The winning numbers were 18 • 16 • 22 • 41 • 10. It […]

Your old Malta notes are about to become worthless

Your old Malta banknotes are about to become worthless. If you have any Lm2, Lm5, Lm10 or Lm20 notes stuffed under your mattress or hidden away in an old piggy bank, you have until tomorrow to exchange them. The Central Bank of Malta has told 89.7 Bay that the official cut off date for Maltese […]

Melita donates almost €30,000 to Maltese charities

Melita has donated almost €30,000 to Maltese charities. During two televised telethons, thousands of generous Melita subscribers made a donation towards Id-Dar tal-Providenza and The Malta Community Chest Fund. As a way of thanking their customers, Melita topped up the amount by an additional €1 for each subscriber that made a donation. During last month’s […]