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The Oldest Sibling Tends To Earn The Most Money

Eldest siblings keep winning💸     Typically, the eldest child in a family experiences more supervision and stricter parenting throughout their upbringing compared to their younger siblings👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 This strict supervision often instills a strong desire in the eldest to meet their parents’ expectations and achieve success. Our individual identities are significantly shaped by our positions […]

Japanese Man Makes Money For Doing Nothing

Man Money Doing Nothing

  Shoji Morimoto has a job that many of us would be jealous of.     He is actually paid to do nothing. He charges 10,000 yen only to hang out with people and act as their friend.   Sometimes he goes out to dinner, and other times he just uses it to relax and use his phone.   […]

Valletta Busker Offering Money To People In Need

Valletta Busker Money

  A woman took to social media to show her appreciation after seeing a busker in Valletta offering his money to people in need.     The woman described the man as humble and explained how much she was impressed with his generous heart.   Check out more here:     View this post on […]

Facebook Most Likely Owes You Money

Potentially thousands of Facebook users may be entitled to a portion of a $725 million class action lawsuit settlement with Meta.   If you fall within the age group of millennials who used Facebook between May 24, 2007 and December 22, 2022, you may be owed some money. However, you will need to file a […]

STUDY FINDS: Money Does Buy Happiness For Most People

money buys happiness

  Do you think this is true? 👀     According to a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on March 1, for most people, money can indeed buy happiness  💸   In 2010, Kahneman and Angus Deaton found that happiness increased steadily with income up to a certain […]