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The Average Global Temperature Has Increased

This Summer might be the coldest one we’ll experience in a while 🥵


During an interview with TVM, Malta’s Ambassador for Climate Action, Professor Simone Borg, emphasized the grave impact of climate change on the Mediterranean region, making it the second most affected area after the Arctic. She pointed out that the ongoing intense heatwaves sweeping Southern Europe and the Mediterranean were in line with predictions made by climate change experts.


In addition to affecting the Mediterranean, the heatwaves have also affected other regions such as China and the United States. Moreover, she highlighted how unprecedented temperatures have been observed in the Arctic, signaling the severity of climate change consequences.


Looking ahead, Professor Simone Borg urged countries to learn from the existing climate challenges and take proactive measures to effectively address situations like summer heatwaves and winter floods. Recognizing the urgency, she stressed the importance of collective action to tackle these environmental issues.