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Taylor Swift Has Boosted U.S. Economy With Her Tour

According to a recent report from the Federal Reserve, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is making a significant contribution to the U.S. economy.




The sales of tickets for Swift’s concerts have been incredibly robust, to the point where one Federal Reserve office remarked that the pop sensation is playing a role in driving the national tourism industry.

In their Beige Book, released on Wednesday, officials from the Philadelphia Federal Reserve noted that hotel bookings have experienced the most substantial growth since the beginning of the pandemic, and this can be attributed to the dates of Swift’s shows.


“While tourism recovery in the region has been slowing overall, one source emphasized that May witnessed the highest hotel revenue in Philadelphia since the pandemic began, primarily due to an influx of guests attending the Taylor Swift concerts in the city,” the officials stated.

The Beige Book, which is published eight times a year, compiles summaries of the state of the economy in different regions of the United States. It serves as a precursor to the Federal Reserve committee meeting where monetary policies, including decisions regarding interest rates, are discussed.


This is not the first instance in which Swift has been acknowledged by a government agency for stimulating local business. Just earlier this month, officials in Cincinnati credited Swift and her Eras Tour for contributing to downtown hotels generating over $2.6 million in revenue, while surrounding Hamilton County hotels accumulated more than $5.3 million.