Unemployment in Malta hits 50-year low

There’s more good news for the Maltese economy. Malta’s jobless total is at its lowest since Independence, according to official figures. Data from JobsPlus showed that unemployment in Malta had plunged by more than 26 per cent in just 12 months. In March, the number of people out of work and claiming benefit stood at […]

Malta has second lowest unemployment in EU

There’s more good news for the Maltese economy. New figures show Malta now has second lowest unemployment rate in the EU. The jobless rate in Malta stands at 3.6 per cent – the same as in Germany. Only the Czech Republic faired better with unemployment at 2.3 per cent. The highest jobless rate remains in […]

Malta’s finance minister becomes a Twitter sensation

Malta’s finance minister has been trending on Twitter after delivering some devastating remarks about Brexit. During an interview on Bloomberg TV, Edward Scicluna issued a crushing assessment of the UK’s lack of agreement on Brexit policy. When asked whether he was worried about the UK’s divorce from the EU, he replied: ‘Well, we always thought […]

Pharma giant to build €15 million plant in Malta

A new €15 million factory making flu remedies and contact lenses will create more than 60 new jobs in Malta The announcement is another boost to the Maltese economy, which is currently the fastest-growing in Europe. Bermuda-based pharmaceutical company Cetic plans to open a massive manufacturing plant on the Hal Far Industrial Estate in 2019. […]