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63-Yr-Old Woman Shares Tip To Ageing Backwards

63 Woman Ageing


An inspiration!


Gym Tan is the 63-year-old woman who has recently gone viral on social media for her age-defying looks.


The Californian woman doesn’t hide the fact she’s in her 60s, but states she feels better than she was in her 20s.


“I think what is keeping me looking younger is not thinking about my age. Age is just a number – but more than that, just focus on what makes you feel good.”


Meet Gym Tan, The 62-Year-Old Singaporean Style Star On TikTok


Specifically, women, according to the 63-year-old influencer, are “trained” to believe that they have a “expiration date” at a particular stage of their lives. She has, however, urged people to embrace growing up.