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Woman Makes BF Sign A Contract So He Won’t Cheat

Woman BF Contract Cheat


A girlfriend is willing to sue her partner if he cheats on her.


The pair are in a long-distance relationship, so she’s making him sign a contract to make sure he doesn’t cheat while they’re away from each other.



TikToker Devon Motley sparked controversy after going viral for a video in which she showed herself and her boyfriend singing a contract for their relationship.


According to the contract, neither of them are allowed to split up with each other until 1 September, 2024 so they’ll be together for over a year at least.


Couple going long distance sign contract laying down relationship rules


They’re also not allowed to cheat, complain about the relationship, neglect each other’s emotional/physical state but have to keep their location tracking at all time, answer every call they make, call each other at least once a day, communicate constantly and always give extra reassurance.