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Dominic From Liquorish Directs Traffic In Qormi

Dominic Giannakoudakis, a competitor on Liquorish, recently posted on Facebook about how frustrating it was to drive during rush hour in Santa Venera/Qormi.



He asked why no one was sent by the government to control the traffic while posting a video of himself guiding cars.

Although he was aware of the frequent traffic problems in this area, Dominic took action to assure progress and make it to work on time. He emphasized how unwilling vehicles are to yield, highlighting how ironic it is for people to moan about traffic congestion without doing something about it.


Dominic urged Transport Malta to take note of how even a small effort in providing guidance and direction can make a significant difference in addressing this issue. His hope is that authorities will recognize the importance of proactive measures to alleviate traffic problems and improve the daily commute for everyone.