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Netflix Opening Immersive Venues Inspired By TV Shows

  Ready to take a trip to the Upside-Down?👀     Netflix is set to open physical retail spots where fans can purchase merchandise, enjoy themed food, and take part in immersive experiences such as navigating a Squid Game obstacle course or venturing into the realm of the Upside-Down!   Expected to make their debut […]

Squid Game Reality Show to Air This November!

  Squid Game is making a comeback, this time as a reality TV show! During Netflix’s global fan event, Tudum, in São Paulo, Brazil, the first teaser trailer for Squid Game: The Challenge was presented on Saturday.    The reality series closely mirrors the original hit show, featuring several iconic games from Squid Game season […]

Maltese Actress Is Starring In Netflix’s Black Mirror

A Maltese actress is making headlines!     According to the Maltese actress, Marama Corlett, who is playing a key role in the upcoming season of the popular Netflix series Black Mirror, the status of the globe has helped her prepare for her part in the dystopian science fiction scenario.   Marama Corlett expressed that […]