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Squid Game Reality Show to Air This November!


Squid Game is making a comeback, this time as a reality TV show! During Netflix’s global fan event, Tudum, in São Paulo, Brazil, the first teaser trailer for Squid Game: The Challenge was presented on Saturday. 


The reality series closely mirrors the original hit show, featuring several iconic games from Squid Game season 1. However, unlike the intense life-or-death stakes of the fictional version, contestants in the reality series won’t actually die.  In the new series, participants face the eerie giant doll, Mugunghwa, attempting to creep up on it while wearing movie-style blood packs. These packs explode on their torso if they fail to complete the infamous “Red light… Green Light” challenge. 


Additionally, the players tackle the equally challenging “Dalgona Cookie” game. If their cookie breaks while they try to carve out a shape against the clock, they suffer the consequences, just like the actors in the original TV show. 



The reality series was filmed earlier this year in a vast air balloon hangar in England. It is scheduled to premiere on Netflix this November. The contestants will live and “die” in a replica of the Squid Game living quarters. 


Similar to the show, the players wear green and white tracksuits and are identified only by their assigned numbers. The security guards are wearing the same red suits and black masks, maintaining the creepy atmosphere. Just like in the hit series, the guards remain silent throughout. 


The question remains: Can anyone replicate the real Squid Game and emerge unscathed, much like Lee Jung-Jae? 


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The announcement about the reality series was initially made in June, with Netflix revealing that 456 participants would compete for the largest cash prize in television history. A total of $4.56 million is up for grabs for those who can survive all levels of childhood-inspired games. 


Netflix also hinted at the necessity of alliances and strategies among the players to have a chance at winning the prize. The new series has the full support of Squid Game creator Hwang Don-hyuk. 


Squid Game became Netflix’s most significant television premiere in history when it aired in September 2021. Within 28 days, viewers accumulated over 1.65 billion hours of watching time. The show has been renewed for a second season, with discussions underway for a possible third season. Squid Game season 1 is currently available for streaming on Netflix, while Squid Game: The Challenge is set to premiere in November.