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Maltese Actress Is Starring In Netflix’s Black Mirror

A Maltese actress is making headlines!


According to the Maltese actress, Marama Corlett, who is playing a key role in the upcoming season of the popular Netflix series Black Mirror, the status of the globe has helped her prepare for her part in the dystopian science fiction scenario.
Marama Corlett expressed that being involved in Black Mirror is a captivating experience as both a creator and viewer, and she feels truly honoured to be a part of it all. She described the series as one of the most intriguing additions to an already vibrant television landscape. Additionally, she explained that the current state of the world made it easier for her to immerse herself in the show’s dystopian world.

“I wish I could say that the dystopian themes of the show were completely foreign to me and required a significant mental adjustment. Unfortunately, given the state of our world today, I think that would have been a luxury,” she expressed.