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Mum Gives Birth To Baby Girl Whilst In Coma

After learning she had a brain tumor, a lady who felt “trapped within herself” was able to give birth while unconscious.



Essex resident Emma Taylor was in the last stages of her pregnancy when she was given a medically induced coma just before giving birth to her child last year, a remarkable six weeks early.


In October, only a few days after giving birth to baby Ophelia via cesarean section, Emma underwent surgery to remove a brain tumour. Though the tumour ruptured and rendered her immobile, she is still recuperating and is still confined to a rehab facility six months later.


“Emma was making excellent progress during her rehabilitation, but due to limited bed availability, she has been transferred to a less intensive program,” said Scott Weeks, Ophelia’s father and Emma’s boyfriend. Although she is now mute, she communicates with head movements and hand gestures, displaying her unrelenting resolve to get better for the sake of our kid.