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Mum Says Her 14 Tattoos Don’t Make Her A Bad Mum

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A mother from the UK felt forced to defend her choice of getting face tattoos after others made her feel like a criminal or a “wild” woman.



Claire Elsie-Rose, 33, from Lincolnshire is the mother of four kids, who range in age from six months to 12.


The general public, however, rarely views Claire as your “typical mother”; instead, she has shop security guards watching her every step, people avoid making eye contact with her, and she frequently hears comments about how her 14 face tattoos have “ruined her looks.”


People think I'm a criminal, a bad mum & say I've ruined my looks with my 14 face tattoos but I love them & want more | The Irish Sun

“I’m a good mum, I have a successful business and I’m in a secure relationship – there’s nothing wild about my life and I love nothing more than a night in, in my pyjamas!”