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Fountain In Abruzzo Italy Has 24/7 Free Flowing Wine

Tag a wine lover🍷     In Italy’s Abruzzo region, a dream for many comes true: a fountain offering an endless flow of wine, accessible to both locals and visitors at no charge, around the clock. This unique winery, located on a path frequented by pilgrims, isn’t the pioneer in wine fountains but stands out […]

Anya Taylor-Joy Marries Malcolm McRae In Italy

  Congratulations to the happy couple👰     The 27-year-old actress from “The Queen’s Gambit” and the 29-year-old musician recently exchanged their vows in Venice, Italy, as reported by the Daily Mail.   Their wedding ceremony is said to have taken place at the historic Palazzo Pisani Moretta, followed by a reception with friends and […]

Photographer Captures Cotton Candy Skies In Italy

Photographer Italy

  Sunrises from our dreams!   An Italian photographer shares photos of the most beautiful sunrises in Italy. These pastel-coloured sunsets were captured from a beach in Marche, Italy.   This place is famous for its authenticity and praised for its walled villages overlooking breathtaking rolling hills.     Would you visit here?   📸: […]

Dog Eats Groom’s Passport Before His Wedding In Italy

Dog Passport Wedding Italy

  Less than two weeks before their wedding in Italy, an engaged Boston couple’s plans were faced with an issue when their dog ate up the groom’s passport.     Donato Frattaroli said that just days before their planned wedding on August 31, he and his fiancée had gone to city hall to fill out their marriage paperwork. […]

WATCH: This Blue Grotto In Italy Has The Scariest Entrance

Blue Grotto Italy Entrance

  The Blue Grotto is found in the island of Capri in Italy.     It is a cave located just off the coast from Capri. This spot is well-known with locals and a must-visit for tourists as one of the most famous natural attractions in Southern Italy for its enchanting bright blue waters.   […]

This City In Italy Is Being Called The New Amalfi

City Italy Amalfi

  One of the most famous spots in Italy, that we’re certain all of you know, is Amalfi. Amalfi can be found on Italy’s southwest coast just below steep cliffs.     Despite its beauty, Amalfi can be rather expensive. However, another Italian city is rising in fame for being equally beautiful and affordable.   […]

PSG & Italy’s Donnarumma Tied & Assaulted In Robbery

Wishing them a speedy recovery ❤ The PSG goalkeeper and his spouse fell victim to a violent burglary, during which they were both restrained. The extent of the damage caused is estimated at a substantial €500,000. In a fortunate turn of events, the distressed victims managed to seek refuge in a nearby hotel around 3:20 […]

7 Beaches Worth Visiting When Travelling To Italy

Beaches Visiting Travelling Italy

  Apart from the tasty food, Italy is also known for its beautiful beaches!     Check out what we think could be some of the best ones:   Arutas, Sardinia     Arcomagno, Calabria     Tonnara di Scopello, Sicily     San Vito lo Capo, Sicily     Cala Coticcio, Sardinia     […]

Europe’s Most Dangerous Volcano To Erupt Soon

Some worrying news ..     After a series of earthquakes, Campi Flegrei, a vast volcanic region in Italy, is showing signs of activity, potentially for the first time in nearly five centuries. 🌋🇮🇹 This Italian supervolcano is located near Naples, in the southern part of the country. It consists of multiple volcanic calderas, which […]

Wild Boar Family Roams Around On Beach In Italy

Check out this amazing scene on the beach at San Fruttuoso!     A big ol’ wild boar and its cute little babies are having a blast, frolicking around without a care in the world. And guess what? They’re right there among all the beach-loving folks and tourists. It’s a delightful sight that’s sure to […]

Italy Floods Leave 13 Dead And 13,000 Homeless

Our hearts are with you Italy..     Northern Italy is grappling with the aftermath of ‘apocalyptic’ floods that have wreaked havoc on communities, claiming the lives of at least eight individuals.   In the popular holiday region of Emilia-Romagna, thousands have been evacuated from their homes, while the Italian Grand Prix in Imola had […]

Italy Banning English From Official Communications

italy banning english

  Italy’s Brothers of Italy party, led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, has proposed new legislation that could result in fines of up to €100,000 for the use of English and other foreign words in official communications.     The bill, introduced by Fabio Rampelli, a member of the lower chamber of deputies and supported […]

Town In Italy Dunks It’s Politicians In River As Punishment

The City of Trento in Italy  an event called ‘Tonca’, which occurs every year in the second half of June.     Politicians are caged and dunked in the river as a method of punishment.     Famous figures from Trento who have disgraced themselves over the year are put on trial and those who […]