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Listening To Drake In Your Car Makes You A Better Driver

Time to turn up the music🎶     A recent study has found that listening to artists like Drake, Ariana Grande, Eminem, Billie Eilish, Beyoncé, and Harry Styles can make you a better driver! Conducted by Autotrader, a study examined drivers’ hazard perception abilities while exposing them to the music of 20 top artists. The […]

Italy Giving Free Rides To Reduce Drunk Driving

Do you think this is a measure we should introduce in Malta?   Italy is presently trialing a strategy aimed at countering drunk driving and diminishing the occurrence of fatal incidents among party enthusiasts. This pilot initiative provides taxi transportation to revelers as a proactive measure to tackle the issue. The project is currently being […]

€300 Fines For Texting And Driving Starting Today

Don’t text and drive! In an effort to decrease traffic accidents on our roads, Transport Malta announced hikes in the fines and points that would be taken off for infractions of the traffic laws in February.   They will go into effect as of today. Additionally, drivers who are discovered using a phone while driving […]

1 In 3 Students Fail Driving Theory Test During 1st Try

Transport Malta statistics revealed that over a third of driving theory tests in 2022 resulted in failure, with 37% of the 11,540 test-takers having to retake the exam that assesses their knowledge of road rules. The Malta Driving Instructors Association has called for a revaluation of how theory is taught to future drivers in light […]

Woman Passes Driving Test After 960 Attempts

Woman Driving Test

  The finest example of never giving up!   Any aspiring driver in South Korea must pass a written test before being given the keys to the car to complete a practical test.     After numerous tries to pass her test, the South Korean woman, then 69, eventually earned her driving license.   Cha […]